My favorite person to draw and paint is Kim "Key" Kibum, member of contemporary South Korean boy band SHINee.  He's a great performer, musician, and fashion icon and I just have fun drawing him.  Here's where that goes.
Gouache on paper, January 2024; based on a still from the GASOLINE music video by KEY.
Ranking Key's Mullets zine, 8.5 x 11 inch one-sheet zine; pencil and ink on paper. January 2024.
You can download the first image and print it out to make your own copy. =)
Livedraw of Key's January 2024 livestreamed concert ON: AND ON.  Posca paint markers and crayon on paper.
Sketches of Key based on the February 2023 Music Bank performance of KILLER. Highlighters, colored pencil, and paint markers on paper.
Two-color risograph print of Key based on a still from the KILLER dance performance video. Originally grey separations, copic markers on paper.  Printed at Directangle press, October 2023.
Livedraw of Key's October 2022 livestreamed concert G.O.A.T. in the KEYLAND.  Pencil and marker on grid paper.
Resin cameos of Key, using stills and promotional photos for the GASOLINE music video.  Clear resin, glitter, beads and findings, using molds from CINDYJJANG.
Decorated photo cards.  Stickers on hard plastic toploaders.
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