Erotic Book #1: Extracurricular

Released: October 2012

Quantity Printed: 100

Purchase: SOLD OUT

(This item was a limited edition and will not be reprinted.)

Erotic Book #2: Conscience

Released: May 2013

Quantity Printed: 200


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Erotic Book #3: Impatience

Released: December 2013

Distrobution: Digital


Download the PDF here

Prince of Cats Erotic Books


The Prince of Cats Erotic Books (ero-books) are meant to be fun and exciting spinoffs exploring the sexuality of the Prince of Cats characters.

They are graphic and uncensored, so you MUST be 18 or older if you wish to purchase one. Printed issues are produced in limited quantities, so when they sell out, they will not be reprinted.

Because a different service must be used to sell adult material, they are not listed in the regular store. Please see the following links to purchase available copies:

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