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Scheduled 2015 appearances include:

  • Ohayocon, Columbus, Ohio: 1/30-2/01
  • MeCAF, Portland, Maine: 5/17
  • FlameCon, Brooklyn, New York: 6/13
  • Otakon, Baltimore, Maryland: 7/24-26
  • Topatocon, N.Hampton, Massachusetts: 9/25-27
  • GKE, Piscataway, New Jersey: 11/6-8

2014: Ohayocon, Genericon, Anime Boston, SPACE, TCAF, MeCAF, PortCon, YAOIcon, MICE, Portland Comic Expo, AAC.

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Dovetail, webcomic coming December 1, 2015!
Partnership, short for the OATH Anthology.
Carry Me, My Love, short for the 1001 Knights Anthology.
Mourning Tea, in Beyond
Moss Run •Read Here
Supersuit, in POWER!Purchase
Portals, for Filthy Figments. •PREVIEW (18+)
Both, in Love In All Forms
Boy or Girl? in Chainmail Bikini
Prince of Cats, completed webcomic. •Read Here
Positive, in PURITY (18+)
Following Directions, WIP for FOOD PORN (18+)
Feedback Loop, WIP for Enough Space