I'm Kori Michele Handwerker

and I'm a painter, cartoonist, and designer. I work chiefly in watercolors, and my comics focus on the lives of LGBT teens. I'm a strong advocate for the representation of marginalized voices in media and I believe very strongly in the power of self-publishing.

My current work is a webcomic/graphic novel called Prince of Cats.

in 2015, you can find some of my short comics in these anthologies: BeyondChainmail Bikini GeeksOUT:Power!

If you like my work, you can support me on Patreon!

Check out a portfolio of my past work, if you're interested!

I have a shop where you can buy some of my adult comics as PDFs, too.


You can find me online on twitter and tumblr. Or email me!

You may have seen me exhibiting at one of these events in 2014:

Ohayocon, Genericon, Anime Boston, SPACE, TCAF, MeCAF, PortCon, YAOIcon, MICE, Portland Comic Expo, and AAC.

Thanks for visiting!